How to Maximize Your Outdoor Patio Use this Winter

Just because summer has come to its official end doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t continue to use their outdoor patio in the fall, winter, and next spring. The activities and furnishings may look different, but anyone can continue to enjoy their outdoor space by employing a bit of creative thinking. 

Below are a handful of ideas for putting the outdoor patio to good use once the weather turns cooler.

Put an Enclosure Around the Patio

The best way to enjoy a patio all year long is to enclose it and make it weatherproof. Those who don’t want to commit to a screened-in patio can enjoy benefits such as increased privacy by putting up a retractable screen. 

An enclosed patio protects the occupants from rain, heavy wind, blowing debris, insects, and other weather and environmental concerns. When the weather gets hot, an enclosed patio offers protection from sunburn and possible skin cancer as well.

Add a Heat Source

Dressing in layers or using blankets doesn’t always get people as warm as they would like. Fortunately, a little chill in the air doesn’t mean that homeowners have to give up using their outdoor patio until next winter. Backyard fire pits and fire tables can each provide a much-needed extra heat source and entertainment during the cooler seasons. 

Switch from Summer to Winter Outdoor Furniture

It is easy to fit two or more people on an outdoor couch when they’re wearing shorts and t-shirts. This can become more challenging when colder weather forces them to wear bulkier clothing that takes up more space

Rather than having people feel too crowded on furniture meant for summer, homeowners can consider replacing the current patio furniture with something that has greater seating capacity and ability to retain heat. Wicker chairs, a common sight to see on a patio in the summer, don’t have the capacity to keep people warm like a couch or chair upholstered with heavier material.

Accessorize for Cooler Seasons

While fall and winter bring cooler weather than summer, they also bring several opportunities for homeowners to decorate their outdoor space. This includes the patio. From pumpkins and gourds at Halloween to colorful leaves for a general fall theme or winter holiday decorations, the possibilities are endless for creative thinkers who love to decorate. 

Other décor on the patio, such as couch covers, blankets, and throw pillows, should match the theme of the seasonal decorations as closely as possible for a truly polished look.

Add Outdoor Lighting

As summer gives way to fall and then winter, the number of daylight hours available to enjoy outside drops along with the temperature. Placing a few standing lamps on the patio gives better illumination for those nights when the sun goes down too quickly. The extra light allows everyone to enjoy their outdoor activities without having to retreat inside just so they can see.

Each season has something unique and special about it. By implementing some of these suggestions, homeowners with outdoor patios can enjoy each of the four seasons in new ways.