7 Tips for Stopping a Migraine in Its Tracks

Migraine headaches always seem to arrive at the most inopportune of times. The demands of the day often require a sufferer to “push through” while doing whatever possible to manage the agony. Migraine pain nearly always cuts into efficiency and effectively ruins your mood for the day. Although there’s no wonder pill for eliminating migraine

How to Teach Your Kids to Be Safe With Tech

Children and adolescents don’t always have the discernment needed to safely handle technology. When presented with gadgets and devices, they dive into the pool—and rarely test the water first. That’s why so many teens spend hours daily mindlessly interacting with screens. This can leave them open to everything from becoming a victim of cyberbullying to

3 Ways Telehealth Can Help With Depression

Have you ever suffered from depression? We all experience sadness. However, for those suffering depression, their sadness and hopelessness go beyond their usual emotions and affect their personality.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 260 million people globally are affected by depression. This condition is harmful and can negatively impact one’s social and

Is wind energy competitive?

Wind energy helps reduce the carbon footprint left from vehicles and machinery as it does not require fossil fuel to generate electricity. Fossil fuels produce CO2 when burning which consequently elevates air temperature. CO2 gets trapped in the atmosphere and terrains transforming the concentration of the natural air and soils.  This brings the whole of