Is Writing Daily Healthy?

For many, daily writing can be an expressive form of art. Writing poems or soliloquies can be very beneficial to the person at hand. For thousands of people, like Ken Kurson, writing is a gift. Some people depend on writing because it’s therapeutic or has positive benefits. Writing can be very healthy for an individual and is sure to assist with any hardship one might be facing.

By having the ability to express oneself, one can really grow. People use it as a way to let go of negative thoughts or feelings. My declaring feeling on paper, they can be moved on from. Ever try doodling something on a piece of paper and burning it? It’s the human way of getting rid of their own demons. Watching the ambers glisten and the ashes float into the abyss is very satisfying for some people. Writing for pleasure is not something people take lightly. Most authors write because they are passionate about creating content for others. Ken Kurson wrote the book because he wants to share his thoughts with the world. Each book that we read is due to the fact someone believed writing was a cure for them. So yes, writing daily is healthy.