Can Nature Benefit Your Writing Quality?

Ever have writers block? Feel as if there is nothing to connect the ideas you have? Journalists and professional writers, like Ken Kurson, use nature to their advantage when having writer’s block. By stepping outside and going for a simple walk, the body can relax and flow creative ideas more easily. 

A lot of people use exercise as a way to relieve stress. With that, writing can also be used as stress relief. When out in nature, the fresh air can really help the brain think better. After writing inside all day, our brains could lack a sufficient amount of oxygen which is very bad. Even cracking a window can be very helpful in writing quality. If someone is active on their computer every single day, nature can certainly help conquer any headaches. After looking at the screen for soling, it takes our minds a while to adjust to new lights and even sounds. Thus, stepping out for a walk to clear any unwanted energy is super beneficial to any writer. Even Ken Kurson suggests that going out into nature is a great resource.