Does Handwriting Matter Anymore?

Getting reprimanded for bad handwriting is a lot less common than it used to be. With online schooling, students are less likely to write something out, versus type something out. It’s inevitable that typing is now more important than a person’s handwriting. Professional writers like Ken Kurson, believe that handwriting is valuable to the individual but is not as valuable to society. 

It’s a shame that handwriting is starting to go out of date. To think that each individual is now categorized under the font they use is a little frightening. Picking a font is surely not as expressive as having personal handwriting. With emails, conferences, workshops, presentations, and so much more being digital, handwriting is becoming more and more irrelevant.When was the last time you remember reading a handwritten letter? Maybe a postcard? Everything is so digital that those have become collectors items in many auctions. The fact that everything is coded or run by algorithms is proof that handwriting isn’t going to be useful for much longer. Editors like Ken Kurson believe both are valuable but society might have the next generation focus more on typing education.