What are the New Showroom Protocols in this COVID19 Period?

Unfortunately, the world is still facing the coronavirus. Though the situation in most countries is getting better, we are far from getting to the way we lived before. As a result of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, many businesses and other establishments in most sectors had to close. As a result, enterprises made losses and many people lost their source of livelihood. 

As time progressed, we came to understand more about the virus, and this includes how it spreads and ways to help those infected. As of now, establishments are opening up with things gradually returning to normalcy. Showrooms have started reopening for people to come and view different products. So, what are the new temporary measures as showrooms open their doors to the public?


As of now, people have to make an appointment before the visit. To limit the spread of the virus, the number of people who go into showrooms has to be reduced. This means that a form of formula has to be created that allows a few people at a time. People are advised to make an appointment before going to the showroom, and this is to make sure that there is a showroom consultant available when one arrives. Making appointments will be crucial as everyone will be given a specific date, thus preventing many people from flocking in at once.


It was discovered that the coronavirus can spread through contaminated surfaces. A lot of people with the virus got it through touching contaminated surfaces. Showrooms have been advised to ensure that they are regularly clean and disinfect their surfaces to prevent the further spread of the virus. Things that are most likely to be touched must be cleaned often. Clients may be asked to wash their hands before entering the showroom.

Social Distancing

Social distancing has been crucial in the fight against COVID-19. Through social distancing, the number and rate of people getting the virus have reduced. Though things are gradually returning to as they were, social distancing is still advocated. Those who will be going to showrooms will have to maintain social distancing measures. 

Showrooms have been forced to look for extra space to ensure distancing is maintained. Some have gone for temporary structures to get the much-needed space. Smart-Space has been providing different showrooms with temporary structures and other building solutions during this period. If interested, you can look at the car dealership showrooms by Smart-Space. Though some of the changes may be temporary, they may prove to be helpful in the future. This applies to temporary structures as they can be used for long periods since they are made with durable materials.

Face Mask

It is now considered normal to walk around while wearing a face mask, even though they are of dubious scientific need. Most showrooms have instructed clients to wear face masks. This is something that most people expect as most establishments that are open to the public have made it a necessity to wear a face mask. So, the next time you are going to a showroom, make sure you bring one just in case.


Some showrooms are relying on technology by offering virtual tours online. This is to reduce the number of clients who go there. It is now possible to have a tour in several showrooms in the comfort of your home through your phone. As we are faced with the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to follow the government and doctors’ directives. It is advised to research more on the guidelines issued as they are likely to change as the situation changes. It may take a while before things go back to what they used to be.