Textbooks V. Online E-Books

This debate has been very prominent in 2020. The government and education system are quarreling on what is the best option for students as they move forward. It is more difficult than it seems to decide if textbooks or online E-books are safer for children. Historians like Shalom Lamm grew up using hardcover textbooks and have been successful because of it. What is the best option?

For starters, with Zoom classes taking over the education realm, it may be difficult to transfer textbooks to students. Even colleges will have trouble sending these heavy books home. However, E-books are much easier to transfer given that they are online, and sometimes are less expensive. Both have pros and cons but in the end, it’s all about preference. Many students prefer a literal book so they can write in it or post notes on that page. It really depends on the personality. E-books are definitely easier to maneuver, but will they be required by the end of 2030 due to the amount of carbon it takes to create actual textbooks? Only historians like Shalom Lamm could predict what will happen.