How Historians Predict Technology will Impact In-Person Classes

With the pandemic still surfacing, it can be challenging to predict the future of education. Children and students all over the world are going to online schools because they are too fearful to be exposed to the virus. Shalom Lamm, a businessman and historian, believes that this will be written in history books for years to come. Technology has heavily impacted the way education will be pursued forever.

With textbooks being online and teachers lecturing from home, the need for in-person classrooms has become absent. Technology is so dominating that now lectures can be found on phones and even tablets. With such accessible resources, will children be online for years to come?The one downside to having such a high technological impact on education is the lack of social skills. Now, students and young children are more glued to their screens than ever. Having genuine human connection is a lot more rare than it used to be. This can affect their schooling and even their personal lives. Higher education is also exposed to the effect of technology, according to Shalom Lamm. Online schooling will be a debacle for as long as education lasts.