Are History Textbooks Going to become Irrelevant

With the demand for online resources many business owners like Shalom Lamm, believe that history textbooks will soon become less important. It may seem silly to people as to why textbooks are not all online. Well, with education now taking place over Zoom or other online platforms, there is a remarkable amount of students who appreciate a hardcover book. 

Textbooks have great benefits because they can be written on and customized. In addition, there donesn;t have to be a valid internet connection in order for reading to be done. A lot of times, different parts of the world lose electricity because of a storm or natural disaster. Textbooks are more reliable in that sense. History will never be irrelevant. Every second, something is happening that will somehow end up in a large history book. Online education is becoming more and more prominent every day. With that so many changes will come to education and how it is delivered through different mediums. Shalom Lamm insists that educators use both textbooks and online resources so that students can get a variety of resources.