Will Historians Categorize 2020 As The Worst Year in History

Every day, something is going to happen that will end up in a history book. Whether it’s a social justice movement or a pandemic, 2020 has really been full of surprises. The Black Lives Matter movement has finally gained the representation it deserves but at the cost of hundreds of innocent lives. Shalom Lamm hopes that these movements and devastation are represented well in history books. 

Future generations need to know how effective 2020 has been on the economy, financial sectors, justice moments, women’s rights, and the education system. The pandemic has shifted the entire world and with that came many negative consequences. In America, over two-hundred thousand people passed due to the virus. Globally almost one million people have passed and that number has to be instilled in history books. Many just want the new year to come and feel a new wave positivity. Shalom Lamm confirms that 2021 should be filled with happiness, social change, and love.