Things to Do in The New Year

There is a plentiful amount of events to look forward to with the New Year. Hopefully, the pandemic will become much less aggressive in the coming weeks. Many individuals, like Shalom Lamm, can’t wait for a new positive start. 2020 has been very trying and hard for many, so having a brand new beginning is exactly what people need. 

Of course, there are aspects of 202o that weren’t so bad. There are always two sides to every story, so for some, 2020 might’ve been the best year of their lives. However, due to common knowledge on politics and government, 2020 has definitely put into question many laws and bills that were passed. Later this year, the election will be the biggest event to happen. With voter polls closing and mail in votes being the only way to accept answers, it will be interesting on how they turn out. Many individuals are waiting on those results to decide if 2021 will be a good political year or not. Shalom Lamm, who keeps his political voews pritave, just hopes that whooever wins the race for President entill properous growth for the country and a better future for the peoople.