The Importance of Recording Family History

Recording family history in a diary or journal is not as common as it used to be. Usually, thanks to websites like, family history can be easily accessed via records from the past. A lot of the time, our homes are filled with ancestral items that we were unaware of. For example, old baseball or dusty books that might have more meaning then they appear to. Shalom Lamm highly enjoys learning about his family’s history. 

Maintaining a log of everyone in the family online, or a personal database can help future generations grasp the importance of family. Google Drive allows any family member to contribute to the content with their Gmail and provided access. That way, it can be a community effort. There can be so much history that is recorded through the collection of data, it’s unbelievable. So many people use outside sources to find out the history of their own family. With the collaboration of just a few family members, so much can be saved and cherished. As we grow old, it will get harder to be as fast with technology and soon certain tasks will be more difficult then they are now. That is why sharing family history and recording it digitally is so crucial. There is an endless amount of stories that can be shared and this tradition can be passed down through generations. Shalom Lamm has high respect for his family’s traditions and plans to pass it on to his children. Record what you can before it’s too late!