Why Write? It’s Cathartic, For One

Writing is a form of expression for many individuals. It can relieve stress, help dissect emotions, and keep important information from being suppressed. Ken Kurson continues writing because he is passionate about it. Like him, many journalists write because they enjoy the thrill of sharing stories that can help shape the world. Being an author is also an option for anyone with passionate writing. 

Creativity can be translated heavily into writing. Whether it’s a romance novel or a powerful thriller, writing is expressive. People have used power or writing to create social change. Protestors use writing to create magnificent signs and posters to represent their beliefs. In different religions, writing had been used to create spiritual stories like the Torah or the bible. There are so many innovative and interesting ways that writing has helped develop humanity. For thousands of years, writing has been used in different languages. Symbols were also a form of communication in the times of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Expressing and recording stories is so important to the development of our species and that’s why journalism is as important as it is today. Without the mass media, the information couldn’t be communicated. Ken Kurson is eager to learn more about the beauties and history of writing and communication because of how impactful it has been on his life.