Eating Healthy Can Promote Wellness

Our minds and bodies need proper diets to maintain wellness. Obesity is extremely high in the United States. Almost seventy-five percent of Americans will be overweight by the end of this year. With quarantine not helping people lose weight in any way, it can be frightening to see where the health of this country is going. For many like Helen Schifter, eating healthy is a lifestyle choice. Yes, fast food can be very indulging but there are so many other options out there that satisfy a craving and maintain good health.  

For years, veganism has been a controversial subject. Is it natural not to eat meat? Can our bodies actually absorb lactose? Well, although there is still lots of research being done about it, it may be a healthier option for some. Our bodies are not meant to digest lactose. As children, yes, but as adults, it becomes a lot harder. That’s why finding alternative food sources that don’t require lactose might be beneficial to some struggling with their weight. Of course, there are so many medical restrictions that affect individuals trying to lose weight. Mental health and body dysmorphia really take a toll on some people, especially women. That being said, don’t be hard on yourself if certain diet regimens aren’t working. All bodies are beautiful. However, from a health and wellness standpoint having unhealthy cholesterol levels, sugar intake, and many other aspects of being overweight are bad for you. Keeping a positive mentality is what Helen Schifter thinks is best. Believing in yourself is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.