How to Bring Zen Customs to Work

In order to be successful in demonstrating Zen practices at work, one must understand that it takes time to learn them. Helen Lee Schifter uses her Zen rituals in the workplace to be more successful and concentrate on tasks. By taking the time to respect one’s mental wellbeing and breath with meaning, the progress of one’s work can increase. With some physically strenuous careers, practicing Zen rituals might help improve one’s health. 

Mediation is very important to one’s health and wellness. By taking time out of the workday to decompress, stress levels can reduce. With jobs like warehouse managers, postal service, fishermen, lawn care,  and chefs, standing is required. It can be strenuous on one’s back and posture. With Zen practices, finding a balance between the physical and mental parts of the body can help. If standing for 4 hours at a time is a requirement, make sure to balance that time by sitting or laying down later in the day.Our bodies are more fragile than people think. By practicing healthy routines, like tea ceremonies, our bodies will be thankful. With so much fast food available, it’s crucial to many workers that their diets are properly sustained to aid in any mental or physical wellness. By slowing parts of our work-life down and appreciating the space between it, our lives can change for the better. Helen Lee Schifter not only practices tea ceremonies but includes calming mechanisms in her day to day life as a way to incorporate Zen more fluidly into her routine.