Why It’s Important to be Unbiased in Media

The media has a substantial part in politics, international relations, the economy, and the government. News outlets cover all these topics and more on a daily basis. With that, it’s important for those beginning their careers in media too to have unbiased opinions about what is happening in the world. It will take time to earn a public image, like Ken Kurson, who can easily display his insights on a current event because of the platform he built. 

By being non-judgemental online and when broadcasting, audiences will be able to form opinions about certain topics on their own. Of course, news outlets like Fox and CNN have very specific crowds but nevertheless there are plenty of news outlets that remain unbiased. BBC and PBS are mere examples of what media outlets should aspire to be like.  With crisis communication being a constant variable in media, it’s critical to stay neutral when breaking news stories are released. Many times, personal beliefs can get in the way of working to full potential. In the journalism and broadcast industries, that cannot be acceptable. It takes years to build a voice and an opinion. Once a stable and structured way of expression is created, an anchor can do what they please with their own opinions. Ken Kurson highly recommends staying unbiased at the beginning of a career because then there will be more opportunities in the future.