Media is Changing

Ken Kurson has spent his career working in the media industry in an array of different capacities. Throughout he’s been able to witness and experience some truly historic moments throughout the world. It is indeed the case that covering politics can be an incredibly exciting opportunity as a member of the media. You get to be exposed to so many different facets of life and really see America in a way many others never get the opportunity.

Accordingly, Ken Kurson has been privileged to have this opportunity. The ways in which the media industry has changed however, have been enormous. Of course in the good old days, print media was the leading avenue and medium that people would use to consume their news and information.

But that has changed dramatically, thanks to the advent of the web, digital media and social media. Indeed, we have and continue to see media properties migrating to the web and taking advantage of the vast opportunity that’s existent in the digital media space. It is certainly sizable and enormous – and worthy of observation.

These changes have also led to new ways that media properties can generate revenue. Surely, advertising is still the name of the game but no longer are advertisers even seeking our print editions with the same excitement. They’ve now turned their attention to digital advertising and for good reason.

Ken Kurson and other veterans of the media industry believe these changes are here to stay, and will continue impacting the ways in which not only news is consumed but also produced.