The Best Nails for Your Wedding Day

Hand of the groom and the bride with wedding rings at a wedding party

Few days are more important than your wedding day. It is one of the days in your life when the most attention will be on you. You want to attend to every detail, from your shoes to your hair and everything in between. 

Naturally, your nails will be an essential part of your wedding day plans. But what are the best nails for your wedding day?

Temporary Nails

Unless your nails are in exceptionally good condition, you will probably opt for temporary nails on your wedding day. These nails can come in a wide range of patterns and colors to match your wedding style and colors. 

They can be applied the day of or day before your wedding and still look good through the honeymoon. Here are a few things to look for in the best temporary nails for your wedding.


The temporary nails that you choose for your wedding should last at least a week or two. Generally, they last a week with more turbulent wear and two weeks if you go easy on them. 

You certainly don’t want to take a chance with temporary nails that only last a day or two. The last thing that you need is for them to fall off on your wedding day. 

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The nails that you choose for your wedding day should be tough enough to hold up to a few bumps along the way. After all, you’ll be juggling your dress, adjusting your hair, and holding champagne, all at the same time. 

It would be best if you had strong enough nails that they won’t pop off at the first bump. Choose a strong glue adhesive rather than tape, as glue holds better and lasts longer than tape. 

Glue also allows a more thorough attachment to your nail, so there is less likely to be an end loose to be pulled off.


You should be able to file and cut your temporary nails just like you would with real nails. Shaping the nails yourself will make them more customized to the shape of your hands and make them look flawlessly realistic. 

Choose a shape that you love, like coffin, square, round, or stiletto. Then shape the nail for each finger so that its size and shape are perfectly lined up with your hands.


It’s a wedding, do you might assume that a French manicure is your only option. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

This is your wedding, a day that is special for you and your partner and which you’ll remember forever. Why not have fun with your temporary nails? 

Chrome or electric blue nails can throw an edge of style and playfulness into a traditional wedding wardrobe. Think outside of the box and have fun with your nails on your wedding day. 

Do You Need to go to the Salon on Your Wedding Day?

Many women assume that a trip to the salon is an essential part of their wedding day, but you can look beautiful on this special day without having to spend a significant amount of time away from your friends at the salon. 

You can put on your own salon-quality temporary nails that will last through the wedding and beyond and look stylish the whole time. This is an easier option that works great for most women. 

Choose Cool Nails for Your Wedding Day

Have fun choosing nails for your wedding day. Nails shouldn’t be a part of your preparations that stresses you out, but rather a fun aspect of accessorizing, for pictures that will remind you how cool you were many years from now.