“You are what you eat” is more than a Cliche

Helen Lee Schifter has been one of many health experts that has dedicated her time and resources toward encouraging people to lead a healthier lifestyle, that includes fitness and healthier dietary habits. This has been something that is a long time coming indeed. Something that there should be significantly more awareness of than there presently is.

According to analysts like Helen Lee Schifter this is due to a myriad of factors that have come together and aggregated over time. Among them of course, is the fact that other priorities have for whatever reason taken precedence over what should obviously be considered far more important – people’s health and wellness.

And people’s dietary habits need to be monitored in a far more diligent manner than they presently are. In today’s day and age when there are organic and healthy options across all types of cuisines and different food offerings, these offerings should be taken advantage of.

There’s a misconception that exists that somehow eating healthy requires one to compromise on the quality of the foods that they are eating. That’s simply not the case. It’s a myth; and it’s important to debunk it for it being the fallacy that it is.

Helen Schifter has been very passionate about the need to promote healthier eating for this very reason. It’s not rocket science nor an inordinate challenge to be able to overcome. There are so many opportunities for healthy foods that can be consumed that don’t necessarily taste any different or even worse than other foods that might be less healthy but be known to taste better.