Why Deleting Social Media Might Be Useful

With social media seeming like it’s the most important part of our lives, it’s critical to remember that it’s not a necessity. Yes, checking up on family members who live across the world is great, but getting consumed by social media isn’t just. Media savants like Ken Kurson urge people to delete it if they have the power to do so.

Social media is fine when it’s moderated. That means that when one only checks is every few days, it can be healthy. However, the average amount of screen time is heightening and that can be very detrimental to the human race. Having over five hours of screen time a day adds up to thirty-five hours a week. That is more than a part-time job!It is frightening to see the world going in such an online direction. The whole point of social media is to connect people together. Instead, people are becoming more and more distant from each other. It’s not healthy and that’s why social media should be deleted. Ken Kurson says it’s hard to get used to but there is so much peace in detoxing social media from one’s life.