# of reasons you should have a bow tie

A lot of people might think that it is uncool to wear a bowtie. It seems like bowties are becoming more and more popular in recent times. With many major clothing stores now carrying them because they are in big demand. Is a bowtie a must have accessory though? What are the reasons you should own a bowtie? Well there are a few reasons why they are becoming a must have accessory and we will explore that here.

Men in bowties not only distinct themselves from the rest of the crowd but they attract people’s eyes. A bow tie brings a great look to any man. A bow tie also gives people a sense of confidence. Not anyone could pull off wearing a bowtie though. But those who do are genuinely remembered. Here are a few more of reasons why you should consider having a bowtie:

  • It’s Different
  • You’re in Good Company
  • It is a Conversation Starter
  • You Tend to Seem Friendlier
  • Bowties are Cool
  • It Makes You Look Smarter
  • Because You’ll Need to Figure out How to Tie One

People may think that bowties are just for nerds and science geeks. Boy are they wrong. These days, they represent pure uncaged creativity and a confident willingness to be different. If you pride yourself in style, it’s a must you have a few of the best bow ties there are out there in your wardrobet. If you don’t and you consider yourself stylish, it’s time to look into buying some new bowties for your wardrobe. Don’t get left behind.

A bowtie is also a good idea because it won’t get in the way of anything like a regular tie tends to do. With a bowtie you don’t have to worry about getting smacked in the face with a tie on a windy day. You also don’t have to spend much time tying q not. Bowties are just quicker to get in and out of.

One of the most important reasons why you should have a bowtie is because chicks dig ’em. Why would they settle for a plain dressing man when they could have a fashionable stylish man that could rock a bowtie. Nowadays that seems like the manly thing to do. Boy, have times changed.

Wearing a bowtie is also popular because it makes you different. Makes you stand out. If you go out into a crowded place, chances you’ll see someone wearing a bowtie are very slim. If there is someone wearing a bowtie they’ll surely be the ones who stand out. They’ll be that one person people remember. So if you like or want to be different and stand out, a bowtie will do the trick.Just make sure you’re able to rock one.

Another reason you should consider wearing a bowtie is that you’ll be in good company. A lot of famous and important people have been known to wear bowties. People from Winston Churchhill to Dr. Seuss and a lot of others in between. So you see, even famous and popular individuals have been seen with a bow tie on. Maybe its time for you to get your name on that list.

Wearing a bowtie doesn’t just make you look good. It’s also a great conversation starter. People will constantly be complimenting you on your choice of style. Don’t forget, chicks dig em. Which for a lot of men is the most important thing about wearing a bowtie. So not only will it make you look good, it will also make you look smarter. Appearance is everything to most people. For those that do and those who never have, there are a lot of reasons you should at least own a bowtie. That’s if you know how to tie one. Assuming you own a bowtie is pretty safe to say you know how to tie one. Hopefully now you see why you should have a bowtie. It’ll definitely take your wardrobe to another level. Just have fun with it!!!