Types of Journalism

There are a multitude of different varieties of journalism. Usually, certain topics can be specific enough to fall under a category. That includes investigative, new, financial, reviews, column, and feature/editorial writing. One of the world’s most well known financial journalists, Ken Kurson, has said that anyone can write if they have a passion and love for the truth.  

Becoming a journalist comes with a lot of practice. If a person who loved fashion had to write about financial literacy, there might be a disconnect between the writing and the reader. It’s important to be passionate about what the topic of the question is. It improves the quality of the work and can bring communities together based on positive responses. Reviews are the most simple types of journalism. Articles can be about a newly released movie, a fine dining experience, or a travel destination. The topic of a review doesn’t really matter because there will always be someone out there wondering what’s a hit and what’s not. Investigative writing can be associated with criminal justice and covering mass media issues. It takes days to stay in touch with the media and produce a well thought out piece for audiences to read. This can also be related to feature writing, as Ken Kurson has done, is usually done by someone who studied journalism in college. These pieces are very in-depth and can even take weeks to finish. Editors have to venture out, find facts, interview people, and so much more than a typical blog. This type of journalism is very complex and takes years of experience to be successful. Building an audience in any realm of journalism isn’t easy, but the hard work pays off.