Why are people moving from New York City

New York City is one of the most well-known places in the world. It is filled with hundreds of years of history and has been the home of many lifechanging inventions. It has beautiful Central Park, the daily hustle and bustle, and the best bagels in the world. So why would anyone want to move from New York City? Well, according to entrepreneur and real estate professional, Shalom Lamm, the city may no longer be safe during the pandemic. With everyone living basically ruth on top of each other, it can be dangerous and spread the virus quicker then anyone would ever want. 

For years, New York City was the ideal place to live in for corporate professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs. It’s a rich history in fashion and art also makes it one of the most trendy places in the world. However, give all that, coronavirus spread very quickly around the city. Since everyone was so close together, on the streets, in apartment buildings, and even grocery stores, it was hard to avoid direct contact with those who might’ve been sick. That’s why a lot of families, especially those who had young children, packed up their city life and started looking for homes in the suburbs. Places like Rye, Westchester, and White Plains are all booming thanks to the virus. Since remote work has taken highly favorable popularity, many families can move upstate and still maintain a good workflow. Shalom Lamm is very familiar with the New York Housing Market and has done a great deal of work outside city lines. It may be scary for those who cannot financially move out of the city but many real estate agents are trying to make it work for those in need. Having a safe home to raise a family is crucial for all parents or guardians. With New York City having such a high volume of people, it’s nearly impossible to avoid contact with others. The suburbs are expanding the best way they can to ensure quarantine rules are properly enforced and all people are safe.