Anchors and Reporters are being put to the Test

So much of the information we receive on a daily basis is online or from the television. A lot of the content on the news can be very confusing to some. Why is that? Well, the facts usually displayed on the media can be manipulated or the source isn’t justified. That being said, not all news outlets are like that. Ken Kurson, who has been in the media business for years, says being a reporter is a lot harder then it looks. If a breaking news story hits, it the responsibility of the producer and anchor to deliver the news as quickly as possible. Usually, they just want audiences to stay as informed as possible. 

Many anchors say what they are told to say. They literally read off a teleprompter word by word. Unless they have some authority, their opinions are supposed to be kept to a minimum. However, because we are all human, that doesn’t always happen. A lot of times, mistakenly an anchor will give their personal opinion on politics or a topic that is supposed to be maintained as unbiased. These mistakes can confused viewers or lose an audience member if something they don’t agree with is said.Of course, anchors have every right to express their own beliefs and opinions. Sometimes it’s just best if that doesn’t occur on a world watched platform. Yet, according to Ken Kurson, anchors have to be investigative. When interviewing people on live television, it’s important to strip the person of as many truths as possible. This isn’t an easy job and certainly takes years of practice. Many of the best anchors are straightforward and ask tough, or awkward questions that the viewers are wondering about at home. It definitely takes dedication to be an anchor or reporter, but it still can ruffle a few feathers every now and then.