How can I elect a registered agent in Nevada?

When you start a business in Nevada, you can elect a registered agent to become its main point of contact with the state. Your appointed Nevada registered agent receives all formal state notifications on your business’s behalf. 

Importance of electing a registered agent 

Except for the state of New York, every other state in the U.S. requires that a business appoint a registered agent. Some business owners elect to act as their own registered agent, but most prefer not to. This gives them more freedom to go about their business without being restricted. A registered agent must be available daily during working hours at the address that has been provided to receive compliance information, tax notifications and to accept service of process or legal summons on behalf of the business. 

Advantages of using a registered agent

When your business elects a registered agent, you ensure that your home or business address is not on the public record. This protects your privacy and offers discretion if you are ever sued. You will never fear being embarrassed if you are ever served in front of your family, employees, or customers. 

Your registered agent receives all official and legal notices at their office and sends you regular reminders of compliances, tax payments, and any other important information about your business. 

If you elect a registered agent with national coverage, you can be sure that if you expand your business to another state, they can continue to offer you their services there. 

Are there any disadvantages to having a registered agent? 

No, there are no disadvantages, unless you feel that their annual fee of a couple of hundred dollars is too much. Often, this fee is worth it if you want to have a flexible schedule. 

How to elect a registered agent?  

In Nevada, when you complete your LLC’s formation document, also known as the Articles of Organization, you will be required to name your elected registered agent. 

Through the Nevada Business Portal, you can create an account. You can form your LLC through this portal and will have to pay a $75 filing fee. The portal also gives you access to the resources needed to appoint a registered agent. 

If you prefer to form your LLC by mail, you can also download the Articles of Organization and pay the $75 filing fee online. In section 2 of the Articles of Organization, you must fill in your chosen registered agent’s name and contact information. Nevada distinguishes between commercial or noncommercial registered agents, so remember to stipulate it on the relevant section of the forms. 

The physical copy can be submitted in person or mailed to the Secretary of State once all the required fields are filled in. 

Changing a registered agent in Nevada

Before proceeding with making the change formal with the state, you will need to get a signed consent form from your new registered agent. This will have to be submitted to the Secretary of State with a Statement of Change form. There is also a $60 filing fee for the change. 

Requirements for becoming a registered agent

Generally, the requirements for registered agents do vary from one state to the other. However, most states do allow individuals and business entities to serve as registered agents if they are over the age of 18. 

Other requirements include that they have an address at a physical location and that they are present during office hours. 

Professional registered agents are reliable

As the owner of your company, you have an important role to play. However, as you go about getting your new business off the ground and growing it, you need someone reliable. A registered agent will keep your important compliant and tax documents up to date and notify you when you need to make payments. This is something that you may forget to do, resulting in fines or penalties for your business, 

Most businesses prefer to elect experienced registered agents because they offer reliability and experience in handling most business matters. Many registered agents also offer extra features that can include legal assistance and business advice.