Writing Journals Can Lead to Writing History

Many artifacts in historical societies and museums are journals kept from all over the world. These diaries helped construct certain aspects of history. Even if that only included records of the number of farm animals. At a given location, it contributed to the knowledge of agriculture in a given state. It’s important to develop a sense of pride in one’s history. Ken Kurson has contributed to society by being a journalist. Whether record keeping is more of creative activity, it is still important when shaping a country’s history. 

The first journal ever found was in the seventeenth century. It was a scientific record of philosophy. If this hadn’t been recorded there would have been no evidence to grow ideologies on. That’s why it’s so important to record information. Even having a digital platform, such a blog, can help the future of the world. Sharing information about how to be resourceful or financially independent can help struggling students somewhere out in the world. The point is, that keeping an updated journal of current events will help historians fact check it in the long run. Growing ideas off of other people’s ideas are the only way to develop the world into a more peaceful, cohesive place.Contributing to society by writing is just one of the first ways to be a good citizen. Reading journals is almost just as important. Staying updated on current events can help individuals develop newer, or more advanced, writing techniques. So much of the history of the world has yet to be recorded. Ken Kurson agrees that reading for a few hours a day can help expand the knowledge of certain topics.t starts with a group of motivated people who journal their days, weeks, and years. In many case studies, scientists ask those who participate in experiments to record their every move. Certainly, it isn’t easy, but it will benefit future generations.