Why Being an Occasional Couch Potato is Acceptable

Of course, being a literal couch potato is not how one should be spending their time. Many journalists know how consuming work can be. Journalists like Ken Kurson have seemingly never stopped working. When a person chooses a career in media, it’s a twenty-four-hour workday. If a current event chance course, time to write about it. Breaking news from the White House? Time to write about it. 

So much of journalism is a constant race. That is why when a journalist has the chance, relaxing all day on a couch has the world’s utmost respect. It’s critical to rest when someone is in such a high-paced environment. It can be draining to constantly write about current event topics over topics someone actually enjoyed. Having monuments or days to oneself is very highly recommended. There are times in everyone’s life when having time to ‘get away from it all’, is very necessary. It’s important not to burn out in a sense. If one is too burnt out, it can impact the quality of their work. Ken Kurson highly suggests using at least half a person vacation days before the end of a term. It’s important to be a couch potato sometimes.