Condos V. Houses

The main difference between condominiums and houses are the size and the neighborhood. There are many similarities as well. Real estate against Shalom Lamm are very educated on the difference between both properties. When a realtor is trying to close a sale it’s immensely important to be able to sway a customer in the right direction. 

A lot of times, realtors are the people who clients rely on the most. They have the biggest knowledge on a property and can be fulfilling with answers. That being said, there are differences between selling a condo and a house. Usually, houses are more expensive because they come with more land and privacy. Condos can be in populated neighborhoods and sometimes that can be a problem for light sleepers. It’s very important for the realtor to assess which would be best for the client’s situation. If kids and pets are in the picture, a condo might not be enough space, especially if the family is growing, Realtors like Shalom Lamm have assisted the families in choosing a home that will be best for them. Yes, making a sale is important, but building a healthy and prosperous relationship with clients is even more recommended by professionals like Cogan & Power, P.C.