Top Museums in the World

The Metropolitan Museum in New York City is a very well known place It houses millions of artifacts dating back to B.C. times. It has about seven million visitors a year and is a very trendy spot for pictures. Historians like Shalom Lamm enjoy visiting museums. Next, the Louvre Museums in Paris, France is a gem.

It has some of the oldest paintings in the world and was established in 1793. It houses the most astonishing structural pieces and true masterpieces. The British Museum, across the pond, was built in 1753. It is a public institution and is dedicated to the history of humanity. It has eight million items and most of these items were collected at the highest of the British Empire. Lastly, there is the Museo Nacional del Prado, which is located in Madrid, Spain. It was built in 1819 and is dedicated to art. It has Europe’s finest collection of 12th-20th century art and is located in a beautiful building. Overall, these museums have filled the world with such immense knowledge. It’s important to visit museums, even locally, if one can. Shalom Lamm says that the connections and experiences museums enlighten are worth it. They are a gift of history.