Most Historic Places in the World

There are many historic places all over the globe. First off are the Pyramids in Egypt. These magnificent structures are some of the oldest artifacts known to land. They were built thousands of years ago, and the history of that area is very dense. Shalom Lamm admires the craftsmanship and labor that the Egyptians put into building such masterpieces. 

Next, the Great Wall of China. It was built during the Ming Dynasty and it was mainly proposed for border control. To this day, the furious exists and many tourists visit it every year. Furthermore, there are the Roman Coliseums in Italy. It was opened in 80 AD and took ten years to be built. It is in the center of Rome and could hold about 80,0000 spectators. Finally, there is Stonehenge in England. This very extraterrestrial place is filled with wonders. Although no one truly understands how Atongehende was built or why it was built, people from all over the world go to visit it yearly. Many historians like Shalom Lamm love reading about these famous places in hope of finding out more than what meets the eye.