Radio and Podcasts

The radio is one of the first ways to communicate at a national level. It has been transformational for many people because it was available for everyone prior to the era of television. Now, things are obviously very different. Journalists, like Ken Kurson, still use radio as a means of communication. However, now that podcasts have taken over streaming platforms, there has been a strong separation between the two mediums.

Back when radio first appeared, it was considered revolutionary. This helped people stay in contact about current events and announced topics at a national level. On the other hand, podcasts seem to do the same. They can be international depending on what streaming service is used. Also, the podcasters have much more freedom to express their opinions on air. Radio hosts have to be very cryptic or honest when talking about a certain topic. There are so many diverse listeners so saying something incorrectly could cost someone their job. Podcasts like Ken Kurson can have more liberty in the sense that the audience is prepared to listen to the topics announced. Options are highly valued in podcasters versus radio hosts.