Where is Your B2B Business Going?

Got Lots of Marketing Plans But No Drive?

Finding your business’s purpose is more complicated than just looking to make a profit. In business-to-business (B2B) marketing, every year brings new layers of complexities with new tools, tech, and time you have to spend to get it right — or do you?

Turns out, some of the best advice in the marketing business has to do with getting back to your business plan’s roots. Find your purpose and you’ll find your business’ drive.

A new expert report by B2B marketing agency Renegade, LLC, takes a hard look at some of the most hard-to-break bad habits in business. Renegade’s CEO Drew Neisser notes 12 major tips that can turn your lackluster B2B life around.

Renegade’s new special report, “How to Drive Effective B2B Brand Strategy in 2020,” pulls together some of the top business insights from over 350 CMOs Neisser interviews for his popular podcast, “Renegade Thinkers Unite,” as well as his Ad Age column. Neisser distills expert marketing wisdom along with agency experience into a powerful report.

Get a Boost with a Purposeful Pounce

In a crowded field, how do you lead your team to success? In marketing, it comes down to having that leadership at the center of your team that leads with purpose. This keyword comes to light near the beginning of the Renegade report as it details how brands interact strategically in their marketplace.

In the B2B world, awareness of a brand’s purpose and underlying drive makes for a stronger connection.

New research from Accenture shows that “63% of consumers globally prefer to buy goods and services from companies that stand for a shared purpose that reflects their personal values and beliefs, and are ditching those that don’t,” according to the Renegade report.

Knowing When to Adjust Your Stance

Not only do brands need to make sure they know their internal purpose, but they need to also recognize when that position needs fine-tuning to meet the expectations of their customers.

Even in a business as stalwart as banking, sometimes things need to be tweaked, adjusted, or just better communicated. In the Renegade report, an interview with Bank of the West’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Ben Stuart, illuminated several changes the organization took in order to stay relevant and front-of-mind with its clientele.

“Most of the language of banking is bankrupt, including the subject of sustainability,” Stuart said. “We need to talk about specifics, like our investments in the community, diversity and renewable energy. Real things, real commitment.” (To hear Neisser’s complete podcast interview with Ben Stuart, click here.)

A result of that push lead Bank of the West to make huge strides in two of its biggest markets, California and Colorado, showing that even with risky ventures can come big rewards if you know your market.

Want to learn more? Check out the full report for 11 other tips on making your B2B marketing practices more effective in 2020.