What You Should Know About Being Pulled Over for Suspected DUI/DWI

Mistakes happen when it comes to crimes being committed. Being pulled over for DUI can be stressful as you might not know how you will get to work without a driver’s license. A police officer could deem that you are impaired without the proper evidence. Some states have roadside blood tests that can easily tell if a person is impaired. In Texas, these are not voluntary and in all states, it is not voluntary if someone was injured in a crash caused by an impaired driver. The following things that you should know when you are pulled over and arrested for suspected DUI/DWI.

Work-Only Driver’s Licenses Are Available in Some States

The police officers might tell you that you will lose your license if you refuse to take a breathalyzer test. This is the most common test that is used when alcohol is suspected to be the main culprit when someone is being investigated. Most states do have work-only driver’s permits that can allow you to get to work daily. If you get caught going elsewhere, there is a chance that this will be revoked as it is a privilege. Do not submit to the breathalyzer if you have been drinking, you can still be arrested if deemed impaired even if you are under the legal limit. 

Don’t Try to Defend Yourself 

Finding the right criminal defense attorney is going to be of paramount importance. This will be very difficult even if you have previous legal experience. The right attorney can most likely find some way to get you some sort of a plea deal. There could have been no adequate reason for you being pulled over in the first place. This can lead to a case being thrown out of a not guilty verdict in a jury trial. Your attorney will find all of the evidence needed when they go through the discovery process. These processes can be lengthy so understand this is not something that will be solved in a week or two. 

You Could Be Offered Pre-Trial Diversion 

Drug and alcohol problems are rampant throughout the country. A person that is charged with their first crime might be offered some kind of substance abuse treatment. Your attorney will be able to explain the different options that you have. Completing a substance abuse program can show that you are taking a proactive approach to getting the help that you need. Not all judges or prosecutors will offer this especially if you have been charged with DUI/DWI in the past. These programs are great for people that might have a case that they could win at trial. Prosecutors would rather save time if a person truly is taking the right steps to get help. You could be offered to go into inpatient rehabilitation instead of jail time. Talk to your attorney about the different options that you have. 

You need to be very careful during this process by finding the right attorney. This can mean the difference between jail time and being able to get help for substance abuse issues that you have.