How You Can Amicably Work Out a Child Custody Agreement

Divorce becomes far more serious when a couple has children. The last thing that most parents want is to have an ugly divorce that destroys the children emotionally. Child custody agreements can be worked out quite easily if the best interests of the children are kept in mind. There are some cases where it is apparent which parent should get full custody. These are usually cases where addiction is present or one parent simply cannot financially support the kids alone. The following are ways that a child custody arrangement can be worked out amicably. 

Get an Experienced Attorney 

Getting an experienced attorney is very important during a divorce with children involved. Attorneys can do most of the talking but when parents are in agreement, this becomes far easier. Nobody wins a divorce when there are children involved. This is not the time to drag the other parent’s name through the mud especially if they are a great parent. 

Older Children Might Prefer to Live With a Certain Parent 

Older children might want to live with a certain parent although siblings are usually kept in the same house. A teenager might want to live with their mother as she lives closer to school. Consulting the children is not always a good idea as they might feel like they are picking one parent over another. Teenagers will likely voice their opinion whether they’ve been asked about it or not. 

Income Levels of Parents 

A parent might be traveling constantly for their job which leaves the other parent with custody. North Carolina child support laws will set the child support amount in a fair way related to the income level of the parent without full custody. This is usually where quite a bit of tension arises as a high monthly child support family can put one parent in financial peril. Joint custody could be an option especially if both parents work long hours. There needs to be a negotiation during this time where your attorney can be of a lot of help. Joint custody is not about you, it is about bringing normalcy into your children’s lives. This can be a great option if the divorce was amicable as some marriages simply do not work. 

Create a Reasonable Coparenting Plan

Coparenting can be tough when you let your ego get in the way. You should create a rule of never speaking badly about the other parent. This can be devastating to a child of any age that loves their parent despite their flaws. An attorney can help create a customized plan that covers school dropoffs and visitation. The attorney can be a huge help as there might be options that you are not aware of. 

Divorce is an extremely tough time for everyone in the family as it will be a long period of adjustment. Take your children’s wellbeing seriously during this time as they are likely worried about what is going to happen. Take time to talk to them in a serious manner about the situation as this can help alleviate their concerns.