New Cameras Are Changing the Way Current Movies Are Being Made

The process of bringing the words from the page to the big screen has always been a complicated one. From the first days that movie directors their words down in a journal, they are thinking about how the cast is going to interpret the script and bring it to life on the movie screen. Now, new technology is changing the way some of the biggest movies are being filmed. One of the biggest shifts took place when large-format digital cameras were being made available for rental. 

The Large-Format Camera Is Used To Shoot a Star Wars Film

Even though it took a few years for the impact of this shift to be realized, it is now available in full-force. Rivaling the massive shift that took place in the world of movies when spy cameras were used to make secret agent movies look more realistic, some of the biggest cinematographers in the world are jumping on the ability to use this large-format camera.

One of the first films to be shot using this advanced camera was the Star Wars movie titled, “Rogue One.” Everyone who worked on this film raved about the camera, calling it a game-changer because it made the movie feel more immersive than ever. With many people rushing to the movies and effort to catch 3D films, this camera is only going to make the movies feel even more immersive.

The Camera Demonstrates Its Versatility in a Different Genre

With the massive success of “Rogue One,” many other films decided to follow suit. The same director who worked on this movie took the camera with him to Europe. Then, the camera was used to shoot a movie titled, “Mary Magdalene.” This movie took a closer look at the emotional journey of Jesus Christ’s famed confidante. In addition to creating an immersive feel, it became apparent that this large camera could create an intimate film as well. 

Why Is the Camera So Effective?

Because the camera uses a larger lens, this changes the field of view of the audience. Even though the field of you might be changing, it is able to maintain the characteristics and optics of different lenses. As a result, this creates a shallower depth of field while also compressing the space it is rendering. Basically, the large format camera is allowing the audience to see a wider field-of-view without having to go wider, which would otherwise hurt the quality of the optics. 

Looking to the Future

The movie industry is quickly changing to adopt this large camera. It will be interesting to see what other changes in camera technology happen in the future. As the movie industry continues to rebound from a tough 2020, advanced technology is going to help people bring movies to life once again.