What You Need To Know About The Criminal Justice Process

Most people deal with the criminal justice process after they have been arrested for the first time. This can be something a person can be caught in for years depending on probation and other punishments. There are so many people incarcerated now that would be free if they had just completed their probation successfully. The process can seem a bit complicated which is why it is always important to hire an attorney. You might not have been aware of trespassing laws in NC or possession of marijuana laws in Tennessee. The following are things that you should know about the criminal justice process. 

Reputation Matters With An Attorney 

The right attorney can make a huge difference in the results of your case. There are some attorneys that have such a great reputation that prosecutors would rather not work against them. These attorneys might cost a bit of money but if your freedom depends on it, it is worth the investment. Asking an attorney for case results for similar cases they have had is important. You want to see an attorney that is not worried about taking the case to trial if the right plea deal is not offered. 

Diversion Programs Can Allow You To Get The Help You Need 

People that have been arrested for the first time for a charge like drug possession might be offered a diversion program. These programs get a person the help that they need in return for charges being lessened or dropped completely. Sentencing will not go very well if you fail the diversion program in a way deemed disrespectful to the judge that is working your case. 

These programs can include substance abuse counseling or even going to DWI school after a DWI arrest. Drug testing could be included in your substance abuse counseling although the program you attend might not tell your probation officer. These programs might make you restart from day 1 if you fail a drug or alcohol test. Alcohol tests that are available can detect if you have had alcohol for as long as a week after your last drink. 

Stay Out Of Trouble On Probation

Probation is offered in lieu of jail time for a number of charges. You need to stay out of trouble during this time and make sure you attend all meetings with your probation officer. Drug and alcohol testing could be a part of your probation that you should not try to bypass with fake urine or using other less than ethical tactics. There are forms of probation where you can end it early if you meet all of the other requirements of your sentence. Asking your attorney about this can be important as you can be on probation for a few months rather than a year or longer. 

The criminal justice process should not be intimidating if you have the right legal representation. The more knowledge you have, the better off you will be so do some personal research as well.