Managing a Profitable Business: 5 Keys For Long Term Growth

When businesses experience growth, with rising revenue and profits, it feels like a time of success and high morale. But this may also prove to be a challenge, as mismanagement of the growth may prevent the full realisation of benefits which accompanies growth. Mismanagement may also prevent future growth. According to a Fed study, roughly 800,000 businesses closed last year. Many of these are due to the pandemic, but a large amount may have been due to mismanagement. This article will explore the five keys needed for business owners and entrepreneurs starting new businesses to ensure long term growth.

The right team is imperative

No matter what goods or services a business offers, if the employees of that business are not suited to the business, the growth will not be maximized. The roles of employees all culminate to make important differences in the business which affects the success of the business. 

When hiring employees, considering culture fit is very important to retain great employees, with considering their skillset being the second most important. The team selected should reflect the business’ vision, values, beliefs, behaviours and goals. Employees which do not represent these factors to fit in current work or desired culture may lead to poor work performance and to lower levels of job satisfaction. 


When business profits rise, it may lead to the mismanagement of finances if a new budget plan is not put into place. As growth takes place, business owners need to enforce a plan which covers future financial decisions. The plan should enforce points such as benchmarks, forecasts for upcoming finances, profits and sales, to stay organized. 

As the business grows, the revenues and cash flows change. This will lead businesses into unprojected costs, such as broken equipment, the need to possibly hire new employees and possible opportunities which require swift action. By having a plan in place, unprojected costs and opportunities will be less of a challenge. 

Utilizing working capital

To maintain business growth and maturation, businesses require an additional cash flow. A working capital financing loan would be a good option as it allows businesses to stay afloat with new demands and day-to-day operations. The additional funding may be used for new orders, the building of inventory, updating of production equipment, the expansion of the office space and hiring additional team members. To select the perfect loan for a specific business, business owners would need to do extensive research for loans with the correct amount needed with terms and conditions which suit the needs and goals of the business. 

Focusing on the business’ strengths

To stand out from the crowd, businesses need to locate and highlight their strength and unique factors. By capitalizing on this, businesses will be able to focus on their target market and their needs to offer goods and services which are in demand. By using benefit-oriented marketing content, special offers, informative events and services that highlight the strengths and uniqueness of the business, businesses will be able to engage with and entice their target market successfully. When business owners focus on what they know the business excels at, this also heightens self-satisfaction and increases work performance and productivity. This, in turn, will work to boost company morale and growth.

To locate and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a business, business owners can make use of data and analytics. These business analytics tools provide insight and can be used to produce marketing and sales decisions which are data-driven. It is advised that if business owners make use of these tools, that they document all results seeing that the data may change as time progresses as the business grows. 

Scaling of the business

As the business grows and develops, business owners need to consistently update programs and business models. This is because current programs and business models may not be flexible. As the business grows, it might outgrow its programs and business models, therefore constant upgrading of these should be made priority. When businesses have a process for every aspect of the business, especially change management, to modify effectiveness is very important. This would also prepare business owners for possible risks, opportunities and ranging cash flow. 

The takeaway

Smart business owners need to consistently seek to maximize growth, profitability, and value. To do so successfully, they would need to focus on and emphasize their strengths, make sure they have hired the right team, and have proper plans and processes in place. This will ensure that if the economy experiences a downturn, they will emerge safely and possibly in a stronger position. Before being able to use these keys, entrepreneurs need to select a business structure which suits them. For entrepreneurs who would like to partner with other entrepreneurs, Incorporation Rocket is able to offer more information about the                           different business types and their formation processes.