American Breakfast Habits: Keeping Breakfast on the Menu

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day, they say. So many of us crave these comfort foods that we hold so dear that some of us could eat it any time of the day. That being said, others in pre-pandemic times used to skip breakfast on our way out the door in the hustle and bustle of our “normal” routine. Well, that was then and this is now – welcome to the new normal. American breakfast habits have changed – the pandemic world instilled a remote work environment to many people and updated, perhaps upgraded their morning routine. More people used their commute time to sleep in and cook instead.

What comfort foods are people craving? During the period between 2019-2020, home consumption of popular breakfast items increased dramatically for pancakes (up 25%), waffles (up 20%), sausage (up 16%), bacon (up 15%), and cereal items (up 11%). Some are heading back to the office entirely, while others are coming in only a few days a week. Either way, let’s keep breakfast choices on the table with heat-and-eat breakfast options. 

Learn more about American breakfast habits – where they’ve been and where they are headed – in the following visual deep dive below, courtesy of Bob Evans:

How The Pandemic Changed American’s Breakfast Habits