Unexpected Benefits Of Having A Healthy And Organized Home

It’s a Friday night and you just came home from the longest day at work. The moment that front door opens, all you want to do is plop down on the couch. But you can’t. Piles of laundry are stacked everywhere; towels and blankets hang on the lamps and sit on the tables; the front porch has a strange stench; even the welcome mat is somehow flipped to the wrong side. In twenty minutes, you have to be out the door for an 8pm outing. Fishing through the pile of clothing on the kitchen table, you muster up something acceptable, though somewhat wrinkled, and head out the door. 

Living in a cluttered space, saving time and money spent on cleaning might seem appealing at first. Yet actually spending time in a disorderly home, especially during these difficult times of the novel coronavirus quarantine, should highlight some concerns which prevent you from maintaining a truly healthy lifestyle. 

Regardless of where you are, if you live in a bat’s den or a spotless zen space, there are several pros to living in a healthy and organized home. Besides the obvious of living in a healthier and cleaner space, there are unexpected benefits that come with this positive lifestyle change. 

When one lives in a healthy and organized home, it becomes a lot easier to fully appreciate the home. You have the ability to design the space for your aesthetic, and when you live in a place designed for yourself, there is a higher sense of accomplishment and comfort. Your home becomes a space built both by you and for you. Creating a nice space for yourself opens up a better morning, a better night, and a better experience during times such as these, where you might be in quarantine. 

Living in a well-organized and designed place has the added benefit of more open invitation. Gone are the days where you must plan weeks ahead before inviting someone over. You can design your home to be a welcoming space for friends, family, and companions. Rather than living in a lonely, messy space, cleaning up and decorating your home gives you the opportunity to invite people over. Do not be afraid to pick up one of these top 10 pressure washers, clean the front porch, sand down uneven walls, furnish the brick exterior, start a paint switch, a furniture makeover, reorganize those questionable drawers, and live in a new space. It will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with other people in a comfortable space which you can be proud of. 

In a clean home, there is also the added benefit of living with important essentials rather than excessive clutter. Owning less junk in your home can add to an easier cleaning experience and more space to know where everything important is. Gone are the days where you spend hours looking for your favorite outfit in the mess; simply open the closet and follow the color-coordinated guidelines. 

When a home is more organized, it also tends to have more space, and therefore more productivity. Placing yourself in a more organized atmosphere facilitates a more organized mindset, mentality, and newfound optimism. Being in this new space inspires you to do new things, like starting a YouTube channel, Facetiming a friend without hiding the background, or learning some at-home workouts. Combine it with some daily inspiration and you have a winning combination.

Living in an organized home creates a healthy environment for someone to truly enjoy. Without further ado, let’s hope this article inspires you to enter a new phase for yourself and for your home. Let’s work hard now, and let’s get to the point where you can truly reap the benefits.