Creativity Fuels Entrepreneurship

Ken Kurson is an entrepreneur who recognizes the value of creativity and innovation. In business environments that seek to foster cultures that recognize innovation, there is incredible success and even greater potential than can possibly be quantified or measured. Let us not forget the fact that there is real likelihood for change and reform in business; and so creativity needs to always be encouraged. And that encouragement must start from the very top.

According to those like Ken Kurson, there’s a need for change in the ways some businesses are structured. The principles by which a business is led and run matter greatly, insofar as the ways that stakeholders view the different ways that innovation can be fostered, encouraged and even promoted.

For these changes to be truly validated and appreciated, there needs to be understanding of the ways that business innovation has led to incredible results in the past. Ultimately, some of the greatest corporate titans of history have been folks who have sought to challenge conformity, and challenge the status quo of whatever industry they might be a part of.

Consider this for a moment. This is how important the need to motivate creativity and challenging conformity truly is. There needs to be a real effort to highlight innovation and cutting-edge performance on the part of employees of businesses – no matter the size of the business.

A business that is small or even a start-up can have incredible abilities to succeed if there is an environment that rewards and prizes creativity and innovation among the staff, employees and the stakeholders. If such an environment exists, and creativity is indeed promoted, there will be prosperity, the likes of which have never been seen.

Let’s not forget about the value that exists if innovation of a product that is well in-demand is conducted correctly. There’s ways that creativity in business can lead to millions of dollars worth of revenue for a respective business, regardless of the industry.

This sort of revenue and cashflow would otherwise be unheard of; and certainly not possible, if it’s not correctly formulated, understood and appreciated. There are indeed ways to encourage creativity in a workplace and in a business environment. Executives should be keen to do so. The results will be extraordinary. And of course, the reward, equally so.