Property Values Are in Limbo – And For Good Reason

Real estate investors like Shalom Lamm have for years studiously examined trends and patterns that have exhibited themselves in the real estate field. Indeed these patterns have been relatively consistent over the course of the last decade. But that consistency has certainly faded since the most significant and dangerous health pandemic of a century landed on American soil.

Indeed, it’s no secret that there’s been a mass exodus of people in major metropolitan areas and cities that have fled and are still escaping the cluttered environments that cities inevitably are like.

This exodus has led to a level of pent-up demand in cities that have not been seen for decades. This by extension, has led to values significantly appreciating for properties in suburban and rural areas. According to strategists in the industry such as Shalom Lamm, this change is not going to slow down anytime soon – instead, it’ll be accelerating and becoming the new normal of sorts.