Music is a Language That is Universal

To musicians like Ken Kurson, music is truly the language of the soul. Indeed, a very persuasive case can be made for the veracity of this statement. Unlike general languages which require proficiency and even at times fluency to understand, music is a medium that affords people the opportunity to connect and comprehend regardless of their backgrounds.

So what are different ways music can be employed for constructive ends? Well, indeed there are ways that music can be used to communicate with people and groups that would otherwise be unresponsive. Indeed, by example, we’ve seen a great deal of music therapy used in healthcare settings.

For elderly people, many have been receptive to music therapy in a way they never have or could have been to other forms of expression and communication. This is an extraordinary development, and a reason for people to be consistently using music as a vehicle to bring people together. It’s no wonder why Ken Kurson and other musicians see great value and utility in music being employed in such contexts.