Getting a Pet For Your Kids During Quarantine Might Not Be a Bad Idea

As children are growing up in these pandemic and quarantine circumstances, it may be difficult for them to adapt. Especially toddlers who might not remember life before masks and lockdowns. Rachel Harow believes that expanding the knowledge of one’s child is very important during their developmental stages. By getting a family pet, it might help children be distracted from outside stressors in the world, like the virus. 

Rescuing a dog or a cat is a very big commitment. In addition, it can be expensive to maintain. Providing toys, wet food, dry food, veterinary visits, beds, medicine, or anything else the pet may need is important. Shelters may request that the animal is brought back if the home isn’t clean enough, or safe enough for the animal. In other words, be prepared when settling on the idea of bringing how a high-responsibility animal. A lot of times, this can be to a family’s benefit. Getting a pet that needs constant care can teach children how to be loving, responsible, and accountable for their actions. If a dog or cat seems too high maintenance, a fish, turtle, or gerbil might be the answer. They are a lot more independent and can still offer great skills to children. Feeding those animals on a schedule or cleaning their habitats can really improve developmental skills. Most children have the urge to help and care for things, which is why getting a pet might be a great option for your family. Rachel Harow says that her children enjoy taking responsibility and being helpful around the house. Bringing a new family member into the house while the kids are stuck at home can definitely be a teaching and bonding experience.