Where to Start with Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana has become more accessible to many people nowadays since the legalization of use and possession of cannabis and marijuana across Canada and many states of America. But getting started growing and developing your own strain of cannabis can be quite challenging and overwhelming for some people. The I Love Growing Marijuana website is a great place to start if you’re looking for any information on how to get started or simply getting the most out of your current crop. 

The I Love Growing Marijuana website has everything, and covers every aspect necessary for growing and harvesting a healthy strain of cannabis. You will find everything you’re looking for guiding you from start to finish on how to plant, grow, and maintain a healthy crop. This site covers everything from getting the seeds, nutrients information, local information, guides on usage, grow support, shop support, grow journals, a blog, and the main reason attraction at the site, the grow guides. The grow guide in particular covers everything and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to explaining the complete ins and outs of growing marijuana. The guides are broken down into sections beginning with starting out, additional information about the cannabis plant, grow stages and what to expect, it also covers growing both indoors and outdoors, grow mediums, water and nutrition, troubleshooting for when the unexpected occurs, coveted strains, advanced techniques, and finally a growers dictionary to help the reader gain a better understand of the complete process from start to finish. 

Another popular page on this site is the ILGM blog, which is updated regularly and has articles delivered that cover a wide range of topics. You can find in depth information about various strains of cannabis such as the apple jack strain, the crystal strain, or the dragon fruit strain. Each of these blogs are logged by experts and offer insider knowledge of the strains properties and qualities including the percentage of THC and CBD found in each plant. They even cover the basics of a spliff and how to construct one. Which is pretty awesome if you’re new to exploring cannabis and marijuana and you’re experimenting various methods of consumption. 

And if that wasn’t enough, you can follow along with the grow journals page. Similar to the blog posts, the grow journals have been documented with the reader’s needs in mind covering pretty much every aspect of growing. If you have any queries or are unsure of certain procedures regarding growing marijuana you can safely bet that one of these journals will have covered the topic you’re researching. 

As well as storing all the information necessary for a successful grow, this site also has a page dedicated to getting your hands on the perfect seeds. So if you are starting from square one you can research the right seed for your need and quite easily get your hands on them in no time. If you’re looking for seeds that provide a gush of energy and will bring out your creative side, you might as well try Sativa strains. CannaSeeds.com.au has a list of some of the best Sativa strains around.

For anyone wanting to make a start growing their own marijuana, the ILGM website is the place to get all the tools and knowledge needed to have the greatest chance of success.