Premium Domain Name is Worth it for Your Business: Here’s Why

Why do people pay seemingly astronomical amounts of money just to get a nice looking domain name? How much do they go for? It’s been on record that sold for a whopping $30 million! You probably don’t need to spend that much, though, but it will cost more than buying and registering a brand new domain name – but it will be well worth it for you. 

While you probably don’t think too much about the field of domaining – the buying and selling of premium domain names, but they are a big business. And you should consider buying advantageous domain names for your business as well, as they make a huge difference. How? By giving you a higher Google search ranking position as they are common words that people search for. People make major business decisions with buying intent when it comes to Google searches, and 75% of people won’t bother to scroll past the first page of search results.

The smart money is going into building up your digital real estate. Get a premium domain name for your business along with a highly recognizable vanity phone number. Learn more about the power of a premium domain name in the visual deep dive below:

The Power of a Premium Domain Name