The Rise of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Did you ever feel like you’ve been groomed for a career that isn’t going anywhere? It shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Many educational systems stress the importance of IQ, testing, common core, and hard sciences. You often hear STEM spoken about quite a bit and when students graduate and think about their career. That said, they think that IQ and critical thinking alone will  get them somewhere in life. While it is true that all of these skills are useful, many of them do not prepare you to be a fully aware participant in the workforce. It is time to normalize the importance of emotional intelligence, often also known as EQ and building soft skills.

Emotional intelligence has been proven to your paycheck. Studies have shown that even a single point increase in emotional intelligence adds up to $1300 in additional yearly income in your pocket. Also, those that possess high EQ are 7 times more likely to be effective leaders. 

In order to help practice emotional skills, try to find a mentor and incorporate the use of journaling. Learn more about how to advance your career through better understanding the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace in the visual deep dive below:

Is Emotional Intelligence The Key To Career Success?