Becoming a Data Driven Organization

Many organizations end up making decisions based on what would commonly be thought of as intuition or from the gut. These decisions might be emotional and irrational had they been presented with all the facts. Let’s learn about becoming a data driven organization.

In fact, as much as 73% of data within an organization is never even analyzed. Organizations think differently when becoming data-driven and empower their employees through analytics. It isn’t the fault of management as often people do not feel empowered to make such changes on their own.

To provide more insight on this, the team from InfoTrust put together a new infographic on the science of analytics and how you too can become a data-driven organization through Google Analytics 360.

The infographic below highlights the following concepts:

  • Top barriers to harnessing digital analytics
  • Why data analytics is so important
  • Who needs data analytics tools
  • What kind of analytics packages there are
  • How to choose the right analytics partner

Learn more about how to get away from making snap decisions that are largely just from the gut. Take a look at the following visual deep dive below on how to become more of a data driven organization. If you get more of your organization on board, the easier such transformation will become to all.

The Science of Analytics
Source: InfoTrust