Personal Trainer, Jolene Cherry, Shows How to Workout at Home with No Equipment

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Stuck at home because of the quarantine? No need to worry! There are tons of ways you can have a great workout without even leaving the house.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down nonessential businesses everywhere, such as gyms, which means people have been getting creative with their workouts to break a sweat.

Fortunately, you can use your body weight for strength training, HIIT moves, household items, and pilates in the comfort of your own home. If you have kids, you can even get them involved!

With Jolene Cherry’s helpful tips, you’ll be able to put together an effective home workout routine that doesn’t require the use of any expensive equipment or machines you’d find at the gym.

What to do Before You Start

Before your workout, clear a space to avoid accidentally hitting a piece of furniture or wall and potentially breaking it or injuring yourself.

If you have kids, either have them involved by using them as weights or copying you. Or you can occupy them with their favorite television show or a fun activity to avoid accidentally hurting them.

Remember, once you are ready to start your workout, then you should decide whether or not you want to use items as makeshift equipment or if you would like to proceed without any. Then, come up with a loose plan of what you’re going to do, but you can always change it later.

If working out with others helps you to keep going, take this time to turn on a YouTube video, join a video chat to work out, or play a workout routine DVD.

Start with a Warm-Up

Just because you are not at the gym using equipment and machines anymore does not mean you should stop warming up. A proper warm-up is an essential part of any workout because it helps you prevent injuries and gets you ready for the full workout.

Keep it simple, and do not worry about doing a full warm-up – just a few minutes will do. Start with some stretches, making sure to pay careful attention to muscle areas you will be working the most. Take your time, and when you’re ready to start your warm-up, begin slowly with a few gentler moves like jumping jacks, lunges, and air kicking and punches to gradually ease into your workout.

Moves with No Equipment Needed

Whether you just want to get started or you don’t have any items you can use available, there are plenty of workout moves you can do that don’t require any equipment, such as:

  • Lunges
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Sit-ups
  • Most yoga poses
  • Bear Crawl
  • Burpee
  • Calf Raise
  • The Bicycle

Moves the Involve Regular Household Items as Equipment

You don’t need fancy equipment to work out! Check out these alternatives:

  • Dumbbell rolls – use a gallon of milk.
  • Battle ropes – empty hoses
  • Stairs climber – stairs, of course!
  • Punching bag – sofa cushions tied to a tree

About Jolene Cherry: Jolene Cherry is a prominent yoga instructor and personal trainer in Oregon. Combining her passion for travel, physical fitness, and meditation, she studied with renowned yoga instructors in Thailand as well as Hawaii. Jolene also offers guidance for healthy nutrition for those looking to reach physical fitness and harmony in life.