Acai Bowls: When to Eat Them?

Hands holding healthy superbowl or Buddha bowl with salad, baked sweet potatoes, chickpeas, broccoli, hummus, avocado, sprouts on light blue background. Healthy vegan food, clean eating, dieting

If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the past few years odds are that you’ve seen the beauty that is an acai bowl. Sure, you might know that they are pretty and colorful and seemingly healthy, but there’s still probably a lot that you don’t know about them – including how to pronounce it! Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is actually a type of berry that comes from South and Central America. This berry is often considered a superfood because it is jam-packed with antioxidants and other nutrients. Sound appealing? We totally agree! So here are some things you need to know about acai bowls including when to eat them and how to make them! 

What Is an Acai Bowl?

Although we have already talked about what an acai berry is in general, we haven’t talked about the acai bowl trend that has taken the Internet by storm. Obviously an acai bowl incorporates acai somehow, but what else is in there? The cool thing about acai bowls is that it’s totally up to you what you put in there. There are even ways to make it vegan to fit restricted diets. Here are some of the most common basic ingredients that we see in acai bowls:

  • Pure unsweetened acai puree
  • Frozen berries like blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries
  • Bananas
  • Liquid like milk or juice
  • Unflavored yogurt 

As mentioned, if you are lactose intolerant or vegan and can’t consume dairy then feel free to leave out the milk or yogurt and substitute with water or juice. Once you have all your frozen ingredients, all you really have to do is blend them all together using a nice blender, put it in a bowl, add your toppings and enjoy the beauty as well as the benefits! 

When to Eat an Acai Bowl?

Now that you know what an acai bowl is, you are probably wondering when you should eat one. Since an acai bowl is packed full of antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients, it’s really beneficial to eat one at any time! However, here is some example of when you might want to eat an acai bowl:

  • Breakfast: Acai bowls are a great option for a quick and healthy breakfast. You definitely won’t mind waking up knowing that you will get to eat such a delicious breakfast! 
  • Brunch: Acai bowls are also a great brunch food. Everyone loves going out to brunch with the girls, and now you can all get acai bowls together! 
  • Lunch: If you are looking for a lighter lunch option, acai bowls are another great choice for lunch. Just make sure that you keep your portion sizes in check – it’s tempting to increase portions for an actual meal but just keep in mind that you will be adding calories with added portions. 
  • Snack: Finally, an acai bowl also makes a great afternoon snack. Snacking tends to really throw people off their game when it comes to health and fitness goals. You usually just want something quick and easy to satisfy your hunger. But instead of turning to chips or cookies, you could turn to an acai bowl instead! 

What to Put in Your Acai Bowl?

One of the best things about acai bowls is that they are totally customizable that you are bound to find a topping combination that works for you. We already went through the basic ingredients in an acai bowl but the beauty is really in the toppings like:

  • Sliced fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Granola
  • Honey drizzle

All in all, you can really eat an acai bowl at any time of day. It provides you with a healthy and delicious food option that will energize and motivate you for the rest of the day – no matter when you eat it!