A Look at the Complex World of Industrial Marketing

What is industrial marketing really all about? Could it really be that much harder than other complex business to business marketing solutions for sophisticated buyers?

The answer – in many cases – is yes.

Industrial marketing is all about trying to market complex industrial products such as aircraft or machinery. Such products are made up of millions of components. As stated by Adam Beck, Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions: “Each component is manufactured by a supplier who is carefully selected based on features, performance, and overall fit.”

According to Joe Sullivan, Thinker and Founder of Gorilla 76: “One of the most important pieces of advice I can give is to consciously choose an audience segment. If you don’t, your content won’t resonate with anyone in particular and won’t gain the traction you need to make progress.” 

Learn more about industrial marketing and how you too can create better content to resonate in the industry in the visual deep dive below:

Industrial Marketing